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The Lowest Key Wedding Checklist
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Some couples prefer to plan every aspect of the dance while others like to keep it spontaneous. Choose a song based on skill level and your commitment to rehearse. Run through the song to ensure that the lyrics are appropriate for the occasion. Ask them to provide a copy of their version of the song, so you can practice and get the timing right on the dance floor. Lenny Kravitz — I Belong to You. Music plays a role in every aspect of the day, from the ceremony to the last dance at the reception.

Your music should also reflect your personality, but there some ways you can get it all wrong. They might be seated for minutes waiting for the bridal party to appear, that could get uncomfortable. Play some music in the background to soothe their nerves as they wait. Sounds in the environment can easily compete with and drown out the sounds from the band.

Find out about any restrictions on the type of music that you can play in the church. Choose the song for your first dance carefully for some not so obvious reasons. Consider the length of the song because dancing alone with spouse with all eyes on you could get uncomfortable after the first five minutes. Time the dance and practice with a demo from the band so you get the beat right. Go over the playlist with the DJ or band before your wedding day.

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The wrong song at the wrong time could unearth painful memories from the past and cause the floodgates to open up. Make sure that your spouse goes over the list as well. Your wedding should be a classy event, not a frat party. Discuss volumes levels for specific intervals with the DJ beforehand, so he knows when the turn it down and when to pump up the volume. Hard rock during dinner makes for indigestion.

Music should always fit the mood, and when your guests sit down to eat they want to relax and savor the food, not think about how fast they could get away from the dinner table. Leave the R-rated songs for after the reception if you dare. Include some selections from your favourite genre, but consider music that your guests might like as well. Group your guests into categories and choose selections for every category.

Make the event memorable by giving everyone a few of songs they like. A professional DJ or band will set the mood for your wedding. You might be tempted to make a choice based on price, but there are some other very important considerations. Professionals offer a lot more, and that would be reflected in the price they charge.

Here are some reasonable expectations. Believe it or not, you can use a mix of a live band and DJ at your wedding for an interesting mix of music. You can use both to keep the energy going throughout the party and to provide a mix of music that everyone will enjoy. Here are five ways to use a DJ-live music combo for an unforgettable wedding. Band and DJ for Dancing. The band will pull almost all of your guests on to the dance floor.

When the band takes a break or complete their sets, you can bring the DJ in to keep the dance going. You can even book them for an extra hour to play during the cocktail hour.

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Once that is over, you can let the DJ take over for the dance at the reception. Start the reception on the right note. A jazz band playing light music during the cocktail hour and dinner will make a huge impression on your guests. The DJ can pick up the energy and provide music for dancing after dinner and speeches. Have the band start playing as the bride and groom make their entrance to the reception.

They can begin their first dance then and there, and the band could continue with formal music throughout the dinner. Ask the DJ to take over once the band is over for the night. Another way to split your music budget and get a wide variety of music throughout the reception is to book a small string section for dinner and a band to kick off the first dance.

The band can continue playing a few sets. Complete the night with a DJ, for those guests who have the energy to dance all night long. These are just some ways to combine a DJ and band for a unique blend of music. It might be possible to book both through one Entertainment Company, but if not, you should ensure that all the musicians are professional and willing to work together for the benefit of your guests.

Wedding Planning: The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Big Day

Use the tips provided below to book the best live band for hire for your upcoming event or party. Specialty bands may or may not save you money when you book one, so weigh the costs of specialty band versus a more general band. The only downside is that you might sacrifice the quality of the entertainment. For instance, a band that performs mostly for kids parties will know how to interact with children and might even include some extra entertainment for them.

A general band may not necessarily have what it takes for performing for this younger crowd.

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  6. The same goes for wedding and corporate bands. Apart from the type of party, you need to also consider your theme and choose the band to suit. Some examples of themed bands are steel bands, Latin bands, Celtic bands, classical, etc. Your reference check must be thorough.

    SIMPLEST Wedding Planning Checklist and Timeline EVER - Plan Your Wedding Like a Pro

    Were they well-mannered and accommodating? Did they arrive well before the party to set up their equipment and do sound checks? Did they work well with one another and interact with your guests? Did they communicate your announcements in a way the guests understood? Did the band make an overall good impression on all the references? These are just some areas that you should check on because they are just as important as the music the band plays.

    You can let the band play its own repertoire of songs, or you can volunteer some song selections. Use this time to sit with the band to ensure that their personalities are a right fit for the guests at your party. Some points that you should pay special attention to are the cancellation policy, the number of band members, the instruments used, costs for extra sets, things you need to supply, and breaks.

    At earcandy we have this all covered and one of our sales team will be more than happy to talk you through the process. Things often go wrong, so smart couples prepare for the unexpected. Stolen rings, absentee vendors, family emergencies, and accidents are just some of the things that can go wrong.

    The ultimate wedding planning guide

    No couple wants to think about the things that could go wrong on their special day, but these are very real scenarios they must prepare for. Protect your investment in your wedding and save yourself the emotional distress. Here are 10 reasons to say yes to wedding insurance. Wedding clothes will take a huge chunk out of your wedding budget. A missing or soiled gown will cost a lot to replace without insurance. There are so many factors that could influence the quality of your wedding pictures. What if his equipment malfunctions while taking pictures on the day?

    Wedding Checklist - Wedding Planning Checklist - The Knot

    But if you decide to get everyone together at another time to retake pictures, it could cost a lot and insurance will help with the cost. A weddings ring slides down the drain or a best friend runs off with your prized diamond. As professional as we expect venue managers to be, double booking is a sad reality. Insurance will provide the money to book another venue.

    Millions of businesses go under every year, and bridal vendors are not immune. A bankrupt company cannot refund your deposit, so you must have a backup plan. You may be forced to postpone the wedding if a close family member dies. Insurance will help with the wedding expenses when the vendor refuses to refund your money.

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    You arrive at the venue, only to realize that all your wedding gifts are gone. Include coverage for theft in your policy and the insurance will refund the value of your gifts. Destination weddings are particularly prone to travel related problems. If you cannot fly as planned, all your money could go down the drain without some form of protection.

    Specialty event coverage will protect you if there are any injuries or accidents on your wedding day.