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See details. Buy It Now. Add to cart. He began his career in the outfield with Mickey Mantle and ended it beside Mickey Rivers. Loved by both fans and teammates, Roy and his friends tell their stories with humor, insight, and a knack for uncovering the inside knowledge behind some of the game's best-known moments.

Each story reflects not only the players' friendship with Roy, but also their deep appreciation for their opportunity to be Yankees, whether for a few games or for several years. What major-league slugger of the s was nicknamed after himself? What Yankees pitcher, barely out of high school, faced ancient Satchel Paige in a championship game? Who was the Baseball Zombie? Why did Billy Martin start wearing cowboy boots? Whose bat did Bucky Dent use to hit his famous homer? What happens when a switch-hitter faces a switch-pitcher?

How did a burrito cost Joe Pepitone the Texas League batting crown?

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For the answer to these and other questions that every Yankee fan, every baseball fan, wants to know, read Then Roy said to Mickey Product Key Features Publication Year. They experimented vainly with various shades of sunglasses and even different-colored baseballs. The spectacle of the new stadium fueled a standing-room crowd of 47, for the first game. Throwing out the ceremonial first ball — and wearing an Astros cap — was the governor of Texas, John Connally. He was flanked by Warren Giles , president of the National League, and Praxedis Balboa, governor of the Mexican state of Tamaulipas which borders the southern tip of Texas.

Mickey Mantle had not been in the lineup for several days, yet Keane not only played him but also made him the leadoff batter. He always has been. Lyndon and Lady Bird Johnson were announced in the bottom of the first inning. Earlier that week he had told Hofheinz that he would not be able to make it. The Astros did not cash in on a couple of early opportunities, notably in the third, when Ron Brand tripled with one out.

Mantle and Maris also remarked on other aspects of visibility for outfielders. Mantle who played left field that night thought that line drives to left-center and right-center would be hard to handle. Maybe not so much as it does in the daytime, but you can notice it just the same. Houston tied it with an unearned run in the bottom of the sixth. Stottlemyre issued a leadoff walk to Farrell; Yankees first baseman Joe Pepitone then overthrew second base while going for a double play on a ball hit by Joe Morgan.

Farrell pitched one more scoreless inning — center fielder Jimmy Wynn threw out Johnny Blanchard at the plate — and then gave way to Hal Woodeshick. Stottlemyre pitched through the eighth; he was relieved by Hal Reniff. In my time that was a lot of money. Still a lot of money. It is unclear exactly when Mutt delivered his ultimatum. In his many tellings of the woodshedding session, Mantle edited every one else out of the meeting at the Aladdin Hotel.

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But Mutt took the whole family along. Merlyn remembered the long, quiet drive to Kansas City.

So much was at stake. Then we went outside, but you could hear. He spoke with authority. Mick was crying, of course. Mantle had expected solace and support, not paternal fury. I raised a baby. Come on. I came on all the way up here. There was no opportunity for Merlyn to be alone with him, much less comfort him.

He opted for the future Mutt wanted for him.

Yankeeography - History of the Yankees - 2004-2017

And he began to hit— four hits in one game in Milwaukee, a home run in Louisville, two more the next day in Indianapolis one left-handed, one right-handed , then another one the following day. Two days after that, in Toledo, he hit for the super cycle, banging a single, double, triple, and two home runs. Within the month, he had 11 home runs, 52 runs scored, and 60 RBI. By late August he was on his way back to the Bronx, but not without another Army-mandated detour—a third reconsideration of his draft status prompted by angry letters to the White House and front-office concern about negative PR.

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When he finally arrived in the Yankee clubhouse, he found lucky number 7 hanging in his cubicle. Pete Sheehy had given away number 6 in his absence. The Yankees clinched the pennant in Philadelphia on September 28, the same day the Giants tied the Dodgers for first place in the National League. The kid showed them the town. Her name was Holly Brooke. Maybe she winked at me.

Later, he took me aside.

"Then Roy Said to Mickey. . .": The Best Yankees Stories Ever Told by Roy White

She more or less got in with this attorney. Mutt saw the situation. He knew it was trouble. Mick could be very easily swayed. While Brooke trysted with him in major and minor league cities, Merlyn was back in Oklahoma, wearing his engagement ring and receiving love letters penned on Yankee letterhead. In one letter, written early on a sleepless road-trip morning, he pleaded with her to write to him the way the other wives did. Another letter, written in the clubhouse, began:. Among them was a Copa girl named Peaches, a close personal friend of the mob boss Joe Bonanno.

Mantle was too eager and too innocent to understand his dangerous indiscretion. With the Giants trailing 4—1, Berra thought the outcome was a foregone conclusion.

Brown was waiting for his father behind the wheel of his new Chevrolet outside the press gate at the Polo Grounds. He had given his dad his ticket to the game. Mickey and Mutt were still in the ballpark when Thomson stepped to the plate. Like most everyone else in the Polo Grounds, the Yankees were rooting for the Giants. This time, Dressen was mum. Mays was still kneeling in the on-deck circle when Thomson rounded the bases at P.

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I was there to receive the carom. I thought I was going to hold him to a double. Snider left the Polo Grounds with his parents, counting effigies of the luckless Ralph Branca hanging from Brooklyn light poles. The Yankees headed to a pre-Series bash at the Press Club; Mantle went to the hotel room of Tom Greenwade, the scout who had landed him there. Florence Greenwade assumed homesickness was the cause. I think he was scared and nervous. He knew that so much was expected of him. On October 4, , parking meters were installed in downtown Brooklyn, adding insult to the injury of the heartbroken borough.

And in the Bronx, Mantle played in his first World Series game.

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Baseball was on the cusp of radical change. Babe Ruth was three years dead; DiMaggio was taking his curtain call.