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Hamilton, Lynn Margaret. The Purrfect Trilogy. My Account. Log Out. Search for. Advanced Search. Logged In As. Average Rating. Available Online. Check Out Hoopla. Add a Review. Add To List. Also in This Series. More Like This. Table of Contents. Loading Table Of Contents Loading Excerpt Author Notes. Loading Author Notes LC Subjects. Electronic books.

More Details. Similar Series From NoveList. Similar Titles From NoveList. Similar Authors From NoveList. Borrower Reviews. Editorial Reviews. Nothing anyone does makes any sense. And once it looks like things are getting interesting, it falls flat, or something convenient happens causing me to roll my eyes.

At least there's only one more book, and hopefully something gets accomplished. This book continued from where the first ended. The Resistance were ready to take down Samira in the hopes of gaining their humanity. I was a little shocked when the plan was to walk right back into Amaranth, and back into Samira's open arms.

It seemed like a suicide mission, but I had faith that Gavin knew what he was doing.

Did You Spot Any of the Creepy Hidden Faces in ‘Midsommar’?

I was even more surprised that Samira didn't raise more hell. After Camille and Gavin escaped in book one I would have expected her cruelty to be unleashed the minute they set foot back in her palace.

But as old friendships were rekindled, and new ones formed, the threat of deception became more evident. I had to wonder who could be trusted and who would be the one to betray the Resistance. Camille and Gavin's love was tested one more than one occasion, as well. But their bond was strong and no amount of seduction on one particular skanky vampire's part could force them apart.

This story was wrought with tension as she characters faced even more obstacles than ever before. Samira proved to be even more wicked than I gave her credit for, and she seemed to really enjoy the game she played with Gavin. He was put to the ultimate test when Camille's life hung in the balance.

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And then a new twist to the story changed everything. Forcing a new alliance that saw old enemies unite for a greater cause. Wade threw so many curveballs at me throughout this story and I'm lucky to have come out unscathed.

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The story intensified to another level and I'm highly anticipating the final book in this trilogy. I should have written this review last night when I finished reading but sleep took over. Rachael has outdone herself with this second book of the Resistance Trilogy. My review will not have any actual story spoilers, if I were to even elaborate on a specific event in The Gates it will ruin the book in its entirety.

Being "Human" in Science Fiction

You need to go in blind and read it, then you will truly feel the story. While I enjoyed the first book Amaranth, The Gates blew me away.

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  5. Not only is 80 percent of the book non stop action, adventure and suspense but it also shows so much depth between Gavin and Camille. Although I wanted to reach inside my kindle and grab Gavin by the shoulders to shake him and slap him around a bit, I kept going giving him the benefit of the doubt. Why are men so stupid sometimes, I don't know they just are.

    The Gates pulls so much emotion out of you, I got embarrassed at one point because a tear escaped and my 2 teenagers look at me like I was nuts.

    Being Human, Series 3 Episode 8: The Wolf Shaped Bullet

    Get on it! That's my review :P. This series was surprisingly good, I thought they were going to be the predictable story line between human girl and vampire boy, girl loses boy, girl gets boy back, blah blah blah but I was wrong. The second book in the series start where the other one ends and Camille who started off as this timid abused person becomes someone who fights to be with the one she loves. Gavin is the ultimate gentleman and refuses to sleep with her till they are married which sounds like twilight but there the similarity ends.

    An uprising is coming and Gavin is leading the charge to overthrow the queen and rescue the people of Amaranth. Arianna is the daughter of the queen Samira and there is a lot of unresolved feelings towards her mother and she wants vengeance for her lost love.

    Lots of twists and turns and I look forward to the next book in the series. Eine Person fand diese Informationen hilfreich. I have become a fan of this author. I read Amaranth Book 1 at the beginning of this year and was hooked. I just finished The Gate Book 2 and I must say my commute the last few days have been pleasant because of it.

    Cam is by far one of the best characters I have read. She is feisty yet soft, brave yet scared. From the start you feel as though you are going through her days with her. These books have it all, a buffet of emotions. Hate - Love, Trust - betrayal, Greed - Generosity and much, much more. I am a fan of vampire books and I just love it when an author puts a different spin to it.

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    You get witches, humans, vampires and more. Sit back, grab these books and strap in for a hell of a ride. You won't stay in one dimension for too long.