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Teachings of Wilford Woodruff
  1. Personal Womb Blessings®
  2. God, What Is Stopping My Blessing? (Part 2)
  3. God, What Is Stopping My Blessing? (Part 2)
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Did God intend this massive promise to be fulfilled?

Personal Womb Blessings®

If so, then it still awaits a powerful fulfillment in the future. When would that fulfillment occur? How do we know? When the Eternal first speaks to Abraham, He makes great promises.

Abraham then waits 25 years before the physical fulfillment of those promises. Or does he?

God, What Is Stopping My Blessing? (Part 2)

After the Eternal speaks, Abraham begins his journey from Haran and God is with him, blesses those who bless him, and curses those who curse him. Consider his interlude with the king of Egypt. When Abraham and Sarah went to Egypt, was God not intimately involved? We actually know because it was recorded for us in Genesis Are we not even now on a journey and is God not with each one of us every day?

Blessing Your Spirit Part 2

How do we know that God is with each one of us now? Well, ask yourself what has occurred and is occurring in your life.

God, What Is Stopping My Blessing? (Part 2)

It should be clear to us all that God is working in our lives today. He renews at least some of His promises. You need not be afraid v. His love and compassion will never leave you v. Lord, thank you for the blessing of the amazing good news of the gospel. Thank you that through your suffering, I am made righteous.

Help me to expect great things from you and attempt great things for you. For you will spread out to the right and to the left. Skip to main content.


The blessings of being in Christ Jesus Ephesians Many struggle with a low self-image. Redeemed, forgiven and free You are redeemed through his blood v.

Seeking Him

The Holy Spirit has come to live within you. In the ancient world when a package was dispatched a seal was placed on it to indicate where it had come from and to whom it belonged. You have been sealed with the Holy Spirit. Hope for the future Your inheritance is guaranteed.

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There are five stanzas, each revealing an unexpected contrast: Apparent failure and actual success —15 The cross shatters human expectations. Yet the cross is not the end. Isaiah foresees that the people would reject Jesus, even though he came to save them. Would we want anything else? Perhaps they indulge in sin or do not take steps to grow in their faith.

When this occurs, God lovingly takes measures to bring them back to fruitful living within His will see Heb. We might seek any number of blessings, but God wants our lives to walk in obedience with Him Rev.

The Power of Blessing - Part 2 - Destiny Image

Therefore we need to first examine our lives to see if we walk with God. In sanctification God plays a role and we do also.

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Some Christians walk obediently with God and yet do not receive specific answers to prayers. They attend church, serve in some capacity, and give.

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They also pray, but wonder why God does not answer them. But recall the example of the priest Zadok, above. Though he loved and pleased God in all he did, God could not answer any prayers of his not in His will. She prays, works hard, and gains excellent reviews for her work, but her business is not profitable. After a year she closes it down and then wonders what happened.