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U.S. Visas

North Korea, in turn, slammed the United States for the accusation. Pyongyang's statement also accused the United States of being behind the crippling outage of North Korea's Internet last week. The U. Obama had earlier warned the United States would "respond proportionally" to the Sony hack. Obama had also expressed disappointment at the movie's suspension, saying free speech had been stifled.

The FBI has said that the code of the malware used in the attack on Sony is similar to what North Korea has used in other attacks. But that code was leaked a long time ago, cyberexperts say, and any hacker around the world could have used it. Some U. After Sony Pictures said film distributors had decided not to show "The Interview" for security reasons, Sony then arranged for direct distribution online via its own services, YouTube and through independent cinemas.

A few hundred movie theaters decided to go ahead and show the film on Christmas. Now what? Are there further steps that need to be completed? Now that we have the categories outlined, we can start really drilling down with these questions to ask the interviewer. Yes, we sort of roughed out quite a few when we described the categories, but those are general questions.

The questions you want to ask are going to be specific…researched…and tailored! But you just gave me seven categories! Nobody wants to hire an idiot!

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First off, take a deep breath and relax. How do I know which questions are the right questions to be asking? Ahh, so glad you asked! The easiest way to figure out which questions to ask at an interview is to start out by asking them before you get to the interview. Remember too that the best questions are the ones that lead to discussion and back and forth between you and the interviewer.

This is an opportunity to mine for knowledge, not show off or make the hiring manager feel stupid or confused. To keep going back to the dating analogy, you want to ask questions that get you both talking…and give you the opportunity to learn. So how many questions should I be asking? Is there a magic number? Before you run off and begin writing down your questions, remember…tailor, tailor, tailor!

How do you do this? The same way you do for traditional and behavioral questions. Do your research.

Job Interview Thank You Email (with Samples) - neyderabarm.tk

Find Qualities, and infuse them into your questions to ask. What are the main responsibilities I would have that would require an elite level of leadership and could you see my past experience as a team leader benefiting me?

If I were a hiring manager, I would be blown away by this question. Keep that in mind…and again, use your best judgement! Remember…go the extra mile! This is a great way to make sure there are no nasty surprises waiting for you when you start. Having the day laid out for you from beginning to end is a smart way to get a quick overview of what is expected of you outside the job description. I was hired for a job once where all the employees were expected to participate in a group physical activity before starting our day.

Had I not asked about a typical day I would have been completely unprepared for my first day and unable to participate. Not a great way to start out a new job! This is a great question to ask…especially if you are concerned about your ability to do the job. With the right training, an employee can quickly be brought up to company speed. Training could be as simple as watching a video or reading a brochure or it could be a much more thorough and in-depth process.

The answer will also give a clear indication of the scope for development opportunities while working for the company. Those keen to learn fast will want to do this.

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  7. Graduate training programmes aim to be comprehensive, but an individual coach will give you greater insight into that career. Asking this sends strong signals to the interviewer that you are a team player, since if you are ready to accept someone as your mentor, you are ready to learn from others.

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    Understanding how long the average graduate stays gives you a pretty good indication as to how long you might stay. A good company cares about the health and camaraderie of its employees, and thinks about activities outside of work. As the interviewer answers this question, try to focus on the factors that they stress while describing their experience.

    Ace the Interview - Article

    You are just looking for a truthful answer here; one that will help you decide whether or not you should say yes to the offer. This is a pretty straightforward question but you can never predict the results of your interview right then and there. However, it does send a good impression to your interviewer that you are interested in getting the job.

    From what you have seen today, is there anything you think I could have improved upon, or any reason why you think I am not suitable for this role? It is another straightforward question and it would be perfect if the interviewer is ready to give you some advice. Asking this question will show the interviewer your interest, and may give you clues as to how to outperform in the role, if you are offered it. Is there anything more that you would want me to clarify about my experience, qualification or personality?

    Sometimes, interviewers are confused about your qualifications, experience or previous answers, but forget to look for clarification.

    Before Your Interview

    They often mention the daily responsibilities in the job ad, but hearing from someone who works at the company can help you discover those responsibilities in more detail. What expectations do you have from someone in this role in the first three months? Knowing what your employer expects from you will help you have a more focused strategy at the job. It will show which areas you need to improve fastest. This is one of the best questions you can ask about the role. Once you know the major challenges, you can create a plan to work on those once you begin the job.

    What one piece of advice would you give to someone who is about to start in this role? This is your chance to get the best and most practical advice in advance. Their answer might even clarify what not to do, should you get the position. An answer to this question will clarify the metrics that you should pay attention to for getting noticed, appreciated and promoted. Asking your interviewer questions at the end also has a psychological impact.


    Interviewers often speak to dozens of candidates, and it can be difficult to remember individuals. Questions to Ask your Interviewer At the end of your interview you will be given the opportunity to ask your interviewer any questions you may have. Prepare a List of Questions in Advance Have two or three interesting and intelligent questions prepared before the interview, to show that you are interested in the job and eager to find out more about their culture, workplace, etc.

    Tips for Asking Your Interviewer Questions Here are a few tips to help you ask sensible questions that create an opportunity for dialogue between you and the interviewer. Avoid Questions with Obvious Answers The danger with these questions is they can make you look dense, and perhaps undo much of your earlier good work.