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Publisher Peters Publisher. Works for Cello and Piano. Instrumentation: Cello and piano. Also includes a recording of the piano accompaniment on CD. Wohlfahrt -- Elementary Studies, Op. Title: Elementary Studies, Op. Wohlfahrt -- 60 Etudes, Op. Title: 60 Etudes, Op. Witches' Brew for Violin or Cello and Piano. Viola Concerto in D Major. Originally for viola and orchestra. Edited by Clemens Richter. Published by C. Variations on a theme by Paganini the 24th Caprice for solo cello, op.

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Hans Bottermund. The angles of the strings play a big part in the sound! Once you are done taking off the old strings and putting on new ones, make sure you keep the old strings , e.

Piano Trio No. 3 in C minor, Op. 1 (Miscellaneous | J.W. Pepper Sheet Music

The tone of a string depends on its weight, and, therefore, on its diameter or so-called gauge. Traditionally, diameter is measured in thousandths of an inch. When you call or visit Carriage House Violins, you will receive thoughtful, individual attention from a dedicated sales consultant who will confer with you until he or she fully understands your musical objectives and the bow attributes you desire ref.

Dominant strings Helicore on Violas , new setup and excellent tone which improves with play. Read many sparkling testimonials on Sun violins. Brand new Sun violins, VN models as above, but made for left-handed players. Before buying a violin, make sure that your supplier has the workshop facilities and the skills to set it up. Cheaper violins are usually fitted with cheap steel core strings. The tinny metallic sound of these violins is partly due to this pdf. The opening Allegro has a powerful and propulsive opening theme for the ripieno followed by driving episodes for the two soloists playing separately and in imitation download.

Package includes a lightweight form fitting hard case with a blanket to proctect your violin , pockets and backpack strap, making it convenient to carry to school or orchestra Hal Leonard The Amazing read for free download Hal Leonard The Amazing Incredible Shrinking Violin.

Altenberg Trio Wien

One of our best finished and sounding Violin. Includes quality Brazilwood Bow and padded hard case. Well made and well played, this violin has been used in orchestra and solo play. Made in the Stradivarius copy and just refurbished in our studio it has new trim, bridge, sound peg and new strings. Percussion 2 players : b. Symphonic Variations for Piano and Orchestra Unpublished score and parts, and published arrangement for two pianos : Warner Chappell.

Winter Legends for Piano and Orchestra Score, parts, and arrangement for two pianos : Warner Chappell. Score and parts : Studio Music. Arrangement for violin and piano : Studio Music. Note : The violin-and-piano arrangement made by the composer contains many inaccuracies. Cradle Song for Violin and String Orchestra Arranged by Graham Parlett Score, parts, and arrangement for viola and piano : Warner Chappell. Arrangement for cello and piano : Studio Music. Note : There is also an unpublished, privately-owned arrangement for viola and orchestra by Norman Carrell. Bax is reported to have shown no enthusiasm for it, and it has never been performed.

Arranged for oboe and chamber orchestra by Jonathan Allentoff. Score and parts : Allentoff.

Ludwig van Beethoven

Oboe Quintet Arranged for oboe and string orchestra by John Barbirolli. Score and parts : Barbirolli is believed to have used the original quintet version Warner Chappell , with divisi instead of double stopping. Extra double-bass part : Royal Northern College of Music.

Each movement scored differently : I Cor ang. II Cl. III Hn. IV Cor ang. There is no musical connection with In Memoriam for orchestra. Score : British Library.

Note : This early, immature piece, originally for piano, is listed here for the sake of completeness. Octet for Horn, Piano and String Sextet Note : Although not intended by Bax, this work has sometimes been played with string orchestra instead of string sextet. Parts : Lyra Music.

Note : The printed parts published by Lyra are very inaccurate and should not be used without first being checked against the score. Colleen Potter Thorburn and Graham Parlett are currently preparing a list of corrections. Lyrical Interlude , revised Note : This is a revised version of the slow movement from the String Quintet in G see below. Quintet for Harp and String Quartet Quintet for Oboe and String Quartet Note : Also available in an arrangement for oboe and string orchestra by John Barbirolli.

Quintet for Piano and String Quartet Quintet in G for Strings Score : Privately owned. Parts : Paul Barritt. Note : The slow movement was revised as the Lyrical Interlude see above. Quintet for Strings [in one movement] Quartet for Strings in E Score and parts : Graham Parlett in preparation.

Note : Slow movement orchestrated in as the tone-poem Cathaleen-ni-Hoolihan. Quartet for Strings No. Quartet in One Movement for Piano and Strings Trio in B flat for Violin, Cello, and Piano Score and parts : Chester Music; Lauren; also Kindle edition. He later repudiated the work and regretted having had it published. Score and part : Studio Music. Violin part : Boole Library. Note : Original version with viola published by Corda Music. Gopak [arranged by Louis Godowsky] Score and part : Warner Chappell.

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Legend Score and part : Augener; Masters Music. Mediterranean [arranged by Jascha Heifetz] Score and part : Warner Chappell; also in Transcriptions and cadenzas for violin and piano by Jascha Heifetz , Fischer. Sonata in G minor [in one movement] Score and part : Parlett. Sonata in F Note : Arranged by Bax in as the Nonet. Sonata No. Score and part of version : Studio Music.

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The unpublished earlier versions are in the British Library. Score and part of the second and third movements of the version : Parlett; these movements are quite different from the later versions. Note : Bax also sanctioned performances of the Cavatina from his Sonata for flute and harp with the flute part played by violin. Score and part : Corda Music. Note : There is also a violin arrangement of the viola part. Fantasy Sonata for Viola and Harp Legend for Viola and Piano Sonata for Viola and Piano Score and part : Chester Music; Masters Music. Legend-Sonata for Cello and Piano Rhapsodic Ballad for Unaccompanied Cello Score : Warner Chappell.

Sonata for Cello and Piano Sonatina for Cello and Piano Note : These derive from the ballet Tamara Sonata for Flute and Harp Score and part : Fatrock Ink. Note : The Fatrock Ink edition is far preferable to an earlier one published by Lyra Music, which contains several errors. Score and part : Edition db in course of preparation. Note : Only the first two movements were written or survive. Sonata [in D] Note : Only the first movement was written or survives. Fatrock Ink. Warner Chappell.

The Chamber Music Catalog

Fantasia Royal Academy of Music. Festival Overture [arrangement of orchestral work] Score : Graham Parlett. Note : The name of the arranger is unknown; it may be Vivian Langrish or Bax himself, but the manuscript is not in his hand. Mediterranean [arranged for three hands by H.