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Ten years ago I began bringing animals found on local roads into my studio and creating still lifes with them. These works re-invent tropes used by the Flemish masters and give them a contemporary, political, and environmental perspective. Instead of a little lap dog, the women in my paintings sit with deceased wildlife, seemingly unbeknownst to them. Tar has long been used as a potent representation of death and criminality in film, literature, and art.

Cara DeAngelis art is held in multiple private and public collections.


She currently lives and works in CT. Acrylic on canvas, 51 x 65 inches. Digital photograph, 8 x 12 inches.

“Lion of the Hour”

Would anyone complain if you left their lifeless bodies in the parking-lot? McCormick County has major problems affecting health, quality of life and concerning cultural issues. These include illiteracy, teenage pregnancy, unemployment, drug and alcohol abuse, inadequate healthcare and educational services and facilities and a low paid and under-skilled labour force. In a U. News and World Report featuring disappearing small-towns and communities, it was observed that; "McCormick illustrates the vicious cycle that plagues dying communities: hard times and apathy breed more of the same.

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Industrial developers take one look and run. Strom Thurmond, the oldest living and longest serving senator in United States history, worked as a schoolteacher in McCormick between and In a letter to the weekly McCormick Messenger in , he offered "to teach any white adults who have had poor opportunities for an education the fundamental principles, even the alphabet itself As Ken Fortenberry noted in Kill the Messenger, "For about two decades, McCormick County has been an educational wasteland, caused in part by racial imbalance and the community's reactions to it.

McCormick still ranks at the bottom of the state's various indices of educational performance and the schools are as racially divided as ever. One wonders what the outcome of the referendum would have been, had the majority of the public schoolchildren been white. Heritage tourism's ascendancy in the regional economy has spawned some strange offspring. With the worship of the past, has come the cult and popular coveting of historical bric-a-brac or, more optimistically, antiques.

In the case of McCormick, this trend is witnessed in the busy trade in Native American artifacts and arrowheads much of it conducted at flea markets and on the internet. There are also at least half-a-dozen antiques shops in the town of McCormick, and this pattern is repeated throughout the towns and cities of South Carolina's Heritage Corridor - reaching an apotheosis in Charleston, where, to quote a venerable Southern voice, "The past is never dead. It's not even past.

I was brutally honest and told him about fifty pence. Jack Bass and Marilyn W. Bobby F. The following people were arrested and held at the McCormick County Jail:.

Taking Stock - neyderabarm.tk

Reginald Lemon, 38, no driver's license on , released John "The Mash" Whiskey, 67, six counts distillery operation, , released Billie Applesteak, 45, probation violation on Vyrone Monks, 34, public drunk, assaulting a police officer on , The major employers of McCormick County are as follows:.

The views expressed are those of the contributors, and not necessarily those of the Centre, the College or the University. Articles in this journal may be freely reproduced for use in subscribing institutions only, provided that the source is acknowledged. Return to Magazine Front Page. Return to the American Studies Home Page. A McCormick Miscellany. There are just two sets of traffic-lights in the entire county of McCormick.

Between and , there were traffic accidents in McCormick County. Return to top. McCormick, where is it? Sights , sounds and thoughts from the heated fishbowl of a red pick-up-truck. Further comments and observations. In the era of railway travel, a favorite pastime of the people of McCormick used to be watching the hubbub surrounding the eight or so passenger trains that would stop in the town. Travelling salesmen would display their wares in hotel "sample rooms," hoping to attract orders from the town's merchants.

With the advent of the automobile, the center of attention switched to Strom's Drug Store on Main Street. Jail Log The following people were arrested and held at the McCormick County Jail: Reginald Lemon, 38, no driver's license on , released John "The Mash" Whiskey, 67, six counts distillery operation, , released Billie Applesteak, 45, probation violation on Vyrone Monks, 34, public drunk, assaulting a police officer on , School Menus Breakfast menu for Sept.

The discrepancy in spelling — 's 'Enrique' vs. Fellow Royals hurler Joe Black categorically denies Lasorda's characterization of Clemente as unable to "speak one word of English": "I saw him on the field and I said, 'Tommy, why did you tell that story? Indeed, as late as July 23 of that year, two days prior to the home run's 50th anniversary, an eyewitness account written by Pittsburgh-based sportswriter John Steigerwald stated merely that it " may have been done only once in the history of baseball.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. June 7, Retrieved Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: James P. O'Brien Publishing.

Roberto Clemente

Robert Kingsbury. Page 7. Retrieved 27 September Roberto's father, Don Melchor Clemente, worked as a foreman in the sugar fields. Archived from the original on For the next two years, Clemente played for the Sello Rojo softball team. When he was sixteen, he played for the Ferdinand Juncos team in the Puerto Rican amateur league.

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Roberto", said Pedrin Zorilla, "I have spoken with Mr. The Dodgers would like to sign you to a contract with their Triple-A team in Montreal. The Montreal Star.

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June 2, Joe Black hadn't reported from the Dodgers up to last night. June 3, June 4, They weren't quite in complete accord as to why the Royals dropped another game to the Virginians 7—2. June 5, Sukey managed the Royals when Max Macon played on the club a dozen years ago. The Sporting News. June 29, But Sukey practically forgot all about Black when he caught his first glimpse of Clemente.

Later in the game he was used as a pinch-hitter and I liked his swing.

He impressed me a great deal. I started asking questions and learned he was a bonus player and would be eligible for the draft. I knew then he'd be our first draft choice. In fact, I told Montreal manager Max Macon to take good care of 'our boy' and see that he didn't get hurt. Volume 26; The Donald Honig Reader. Roberto Clemente Revised Edition. Minneapolis: Twenty-First Century Books. I noticed you haven't been playing Clemente much. The two men had known each other for years.

There was no sense in trying to fool each other.

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The Montreal Gazette. August 19, This links to the Gazette ' s front page. To access the article, type the number 16 in the navigation box in the upper right-hand corner, press "Enter," then drag the image up and towards the left. The Pittsburgh Press.