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Hansel and Gretel of Black Lagoon are very fond of swapping clothes and, more disturbingly, personalities with each other. Which one's which gender, though, is anyone's guess. Black Butler : In episode five of the second season, Alois Trancy dresses up as a maid to lure Ciel into his bedroom so he can flirt with him and take his eyepatch.

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It's also shown that he has a few dresses in his wardrobe. The clothing and behavior during the villain scenes made him creepy long before we find out who he really is.

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Michio Yuki of manga series, MW , cross-dresses as his female victims after killing them. In My Bride is a Mermaid , Both Sun and Lunar's fathers try to get to know their daughters a little better by exploring some research into teenage life I. E: they explored a goofy Dating Sim. Seeing the anime equivalent of the Terminator wearing a sailor fuku is not a pretty sight. Funny, but not pretty.

A crossdresser's thoughts on life, fashion, fabulousness, and (oh yeah) dressing up

Baikinman from Anpanman will commonly disguise himself as characters to either get the character he's disguised at in trouble, or to get free food out of people. Most of the time, he'll end up disguising himself as some of the female characters When he disguises as a female character, Dokinchan will either crossdress as a male character that works with the female character, or even sometimes make up a male counterpart to the existing female character.

After the death of his childhood love, Menma, Yukiatsu takes to dressing up as her and running around their childhood hangout at night. This is his way of coping with his loss. Kaito from Himegoto - Juukyuusai No Seifuku comes off as this at first. He is a man who enjoys dressing up as the woman he has a crush on, a Jerkass who toys with women's emotions, pretended he was going to rape Yuki, and generally acts manipulative and sly.

So I’m a Crossdresser now what?

However, the further the manga goes the more it becomes obvious that Kaito is more likely Transgender than just a villainous crossdresser. His obsession with Mikako is creepy, however, a lot of things he does happen out of fear for not being accepted the way he is.

The time he spends with Yuki as his girl persona he is a genuinely caring and nice person, albeit somewhat pushy. He is sly and manipulative, but actually pales in comparison to his crush Mikako. Osamu from Bokura no Hentai has shades of this. He's portrayed as less emotionally stable than the other crossdressers.


Izumi from Boku to Boku isn't too villainous but he's portrayed as a perverted, more mean spirited foil to the Wholesome Crossdresser Jun. Marube from Yuureitou is obsessed with becoming beautiful to the point where he would do anything to become a female including attempting a brain transplant with his son Tetsuo. In his final appearance he's dressed as a woman, and a very attractive one despite being in his forties , but is very unhinged.

In Brave10 , one of the villains of the week Ishikawa Goemon turns out to be one. Since his whole family was targeted to be exterminated, he had to disguise himself as a girl. Token Evil Teammate Kamanosuke has also used this to trick people back when he was a bandit. In Kara no Kyoukai Lio Shirazumi starts dressing and styling himself like Shiki and committing murders like this. The fact that he manages to look seriously creepy in a rather silly looking skirt says a lot.

Fragments of Horror story "Magami Nanakuse" is about the eponymous author, a cruel personality who has a bizarre memetic influence on people when she makes weird gestures, or tics, and she imprisons people to watch them develop tics of their own so she can write about them. She also happens to be biologically male though it's not clear whether she's been in drag or is trans , which the protagonist insults her for after being accused of being a faker and a liar herself, arguing that Nanakuse just as bad for dressing contrary to her sex.

Tamagotchi gives us a decidedly more innocent example. In one episode, Himespetchi's crush on Mametchi reaches the point where she crossdresses as him. While it's unsettling to everyone else, she's not being outright malicious. Comic Books. The Purple Marauder a human is a foppish Zorro-like vigilante swordsman who terrorizes the world of Amrahly'nn with his rapier and mustache-twirling villainy but mainly with the sight of his hairy fishnet-clad legs. He dresses, as the name insinuates, all in purple from head to toe: large purple hat, purple women's dress, purple boots.

His sworn mission: To convert men from the ways of lust and women. While he's technically more of a mercenary with a small modicum of heart and it was only the once, when Deadpool spent a brief time with the X-men he insisted on wearing one of their costumes. Specifically, Marvel Girl's.

crossdressing Men's Hoodies & Sweatshirts

For unknown reasons he also retained the underwear from the costume underneath his suit even when he went back to his black-and-red tights. In Grant Morrison 's Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth , the Joker was originally going to be sporting a costume with Madonna's signature cone-shaped bra and stilletto boots, simply because he knew it would make Batman highly uncomfortable. In American Flagg! Possibly a borderline example of Easy Sex Change as well, though the character still had his original genitalia and still appeared as a man in public.

One comic book in the Plants vs. Zombies series has the evil Dr. Zomboss dress up in several costumes in order to sneak into a human book club and eat their brains, with one costume being a rebellious cheerleader. He later dresses up as a zombie version of Marie Antoinette as part of the book club's themed meetings, and is seen drooling when the club's leader comments that seeing the costumes are stimulating her brain.

Golden Age Wonder Woman foe Blue Snowman was a rare female version of this, being a woman who dressed up in a male snowman outfit to commit crimes. Comic Strips. Sanjak from Terry and the Pirates is a rare female version. Evangelion : Saburo starts to cross-dressing as part of a plan to win Kaworu back. However Kaworu finds it creepy and unsettling.

A Homestuck fanart calendar featured a badly-crossdressing Eridan Ampora in the March page as a joke. The "March Madness" outfit caught on and became a fandom meme, even making a cameo appearance in the Ministrife updates. In Thirty Hs , Harry Potter wears women's underwear. The inquisitors wear them too.

Because of this, they realise they are all men of the Lord. Films — Animation. As a part of his master plan in Teen Titans Go! To the Movies , Slade disguises himself as the female Jade Wilson.

Creepy Crossdresser - TV Tropes

Films — Live-Action. Also a Depraved Bisexual , not that anyone's complaining. Buffalo Bill from The Silence of the Lambs. He seems to be an erotic crossdresser who's expressed interest in sex-reassignment surgery. Lecter and Clarice agree that he's not really transgender. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective : The title detective gets particularly grossed out when he learns that the "woman" he kissed earlier in the film is actually a guy who had stolen the identity of a missing hiker. Ace Ventura: Einhorn is Finkle Finkle is Einhorn! Until this point in the movie we never actually see him. When he walks onscreen, however, he steals the show, mostly because he is wearing women's clothing.

Without explanation. When you see a cross-dressing serial killer in a movie, he is usually wearing makeup in a dress.

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Something that says "hey, I am a psycho and I wear clothes that obviously belong to a woman. Instead of a skirt or something, he wears a pink tube-top and woman's executive jacket with padded shoulders.

84 thoughts on “Getting Laughed at for Crossdressing in Public”

And, again, this is never explained. It is almost as if the movie goes out of its way to ignore this fact, like the only person who would take the role was some cross-dresser at the bus stop and they're trying to downplay the fact. One Urban Legend features a serial killer disguised as an old woman who asks passerby to help "her".

Norman Bates from Psycho. Norman doesn't really fit the stereotype given in the trope description— his cross-dressing is to give his other personality a more convincing appearance. In the Redwall series, Emperor Ublaz Mad Eyes is a possibly-not-intentional-on-the-author's-part borderline example.